Instructions for asking a question or submitting an image for critique.

Submit a question or one of your photos. You are welcome to go out and shoot new photos or you can just send what you already have. If submitting a photo to be critiqued, tell Joe what you were thinking just before you clicked the shutter as he wants to know your thought process. Tell him why you think this image is one of your best images, or tell him why you don’t think it is and would like help. Your input is needed for the image to be critiqued.

Submit one un-cropped image with no post-processing or cropping, so that Joe can see where you are as a photographer, not as a Photoshop artist. Send as a high res JPEG no larger than 1MB. If you have already post-processed the image in any way, describe what you did.

Only your first name and location will be used during the presentation.

Joe will answer as many questions and critique as many photos as possible during the presentation.

Sorry – submitting questions or images is now closed.

Registration to attend the presentation is still open.

Attendance: 70 / 100

Registration is closed for this event.