Basic Digital Photography I

Learn about your Digital SLR (DSLR) or mirrorless camera and how to shoot images in the manual modes resulting in better photographs. Topics include: Understanding DSLR features and functions; Understanding Exposure; Understanding Focusing and Depth of Field; Understanding Composition and Elements of Visual Design.; and learning how to see like a photographer.   There will be shooting homework between sessions. The 6 2-hour sessions will consist of lectures as well as photo critiques.

  • Instructor: Nick DePasquale
  • Location: TBD
  • Price: TBA
    • Homework Option: The key components to taking great photographs are knowing how to use your camera in manual mode, understanding the principals of composition and the elements of visual design, seeing like a photographer, and practicing taking photographs.   This add-on option to the class is designed to help you put into practice all of the things that you will learn in class.  You will be given shooting assignments each week (4 assignments: weeks 2 – 5) specific to that week’s class material.  The instructor will then review your work and provide positive and constructive feedback to help you take your work up another notch.  The critiques are provided via video and can be downloaded for review as many times as you like.  The instructor will be available to answer questions via email.   The best way to improve your photography is to learn from photos that worked well, and from photos that did not work so well.