Flash Photography

Join Photographer and Instructor Nick DePasquale for an hour-long presentation on how to take better photographs when using a flash. Flash photography can be a challenge and produce not-so-great looking photos. This presentation is geared to increase your odds for successful images. Topics to be discussed:

  • When and why to use (and not use) a flash
    • Indoors and outdoors
  • How is shooting with a flash different than without a flash
    • Brightness vs. distance vs. ambient light
  • Camera modes and settings
    • ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Flash Exposure Compensation
  • Things to watch out for and potential problems
    • Harshness, over/under-exposure, shadows
  • Flash modifiers
  • Intro to advanced techniques

Friday April 24th @ 7PM

Attendance: 54 / 100

Registration is closed for this event.