Midnight Sun & Icebergs:

8 days boating through Greenland’s fjords

with John Loomis

Photography Presentation – Friday, June 26th @ 8PM

John will share his preparation, beautiful images, experiences and tips from his 2017 trip boating through Greenland’s fjords. He will talk about the challenges of traveling and shooting on the ships and zodiacs to the vastness and breathtaking views of the fjord system and icebergs. John will also share photographs and experiences in the indigenous village of Ittoqqortoormiit.

This Presentation is Free but Registration is Required.

John Loomis is a Retired Engineer (2016) after 43 years in Hi-Tech. He began his photography journey in 1974 with an Argus C3 film camera and later moved up to an SLR (Minolta SRT-101) after inheriting his father’s photo gear. John started shooting digital in 2003 and primarily photographs nature and landscapes. John has recently traveled to the Faroe Islands (about halfway between Iceland and northern Scotland), Iceland, and the Lofoten islands in northern Norway.  In the late 70’s, John spent 3 weeks in and around the Alps photographing the landscapes as well as the towns and cities along the way. With REI Travel, he trekked for 36 days into the K2 (second highest mountain in the world) base camp in northwest Pakistan.  He then went into Nepal where we hired a Sherpa guide and four porters to go up into a high mountain camp.  He finished off the trip with a month-long trek around the same set of mountains where he reached the highest altitude of about 17,600 feet. Shortly after his return, he presented his photographs at the REI store in North Reading and at the Appalachian Mountain Club headquarters in Boston.

Attendance: 51 / 100

Registration is closed for this event.