Self-Paced Photography Classes

Nick DePasquale Photography’s self paced classes are presented in a professional online classroom environment via video and/or printed material. Each class contains lesson topics on the various aspects of photography and the photographic workflow process. A photography instructor is involved with each class monitoring progress, answering questions, assigning homework, and critiquing images, when applicable. Take each class in your own timeframe at your own speed.

  • Image Management & Workflow
    • Instructor: Nick DePasquale
    • Course Fee: $50
    • Course Description: In this class, Nick will share his complete workflow for uploading, storing, backing up and managing photographs. Nick’s workflow is based on many years of experience working with and managing over 250,000 digital images. He will recommend the best hardware configurations and software apps. He will show you how to set up your folders for the images, how to copy images from your camera to your computer safely and effortlessly, and how to backup your images so that you will always have 3 copies in the case of an issue. Additional topics such as the best way to handle memory cards and why shoot RAW or JPEG are included.
    • Level: this class is appropriate for all photographers from beginner to advanced.
    • Prerequisite: none
    • Computer requirements: Mac OS X or Windows 7 and higher.

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  • Editing RAW & JPEG Photos with Mac Photos
    • Instructor: Nick DePasquale
    • Course Fee: $25
    • Course Description: The Mac Photos app is surprisingly good for editing RAW and JPEG image files. In this class you will learn how to import and organize photographs in to the Mac Photos native application that comes with Mac OS X; how to use all of the editing features; how to export images for use in other applications or for sharing; and how to print your images.
    • Level: this class is intended for beginner level photographers.
    • Prerequisite: The Image Management & Workflow class is highly recommended before taking this class but is not required.
    • Computer requirements: Mac OS X. This class is not for the older iPhotos App.

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