Ask JoeB

Do you have a photography question that you would like to ask Joe Baraban ( or a photo that you would like him to critique? Here’s your chance. For beginner to advanced photographers.

Friday, May 29, 2020 – 7pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time

Joe Baraban is a professional photographer and photography instructor. Joe conducts “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” photography classes online and in workshops around the world. The heart of Joe’s classes and workshops are his critiques. Joe objectively looks at each photograph and, based on his training and over 50 years of experience as a professional photographer, objectively shares how to take the image, and your work, up a notch based on his proven techniques and the Elements of Visual Design and Composition.


  • Ask Joe a photography question
  • Ask Joe a question about his recent “Life Before Photoshop” presentation (
  • Submit an image for Joe to critique
  • Or, just watch the show
  • Participation is FREE but Registration is required
  • Submit a question or an image for critique using this >>LINK<<
    • You will automatically be registered for the presentation. Please do not register at the link below since it will duplicate your registration.
    • Submit no later than Sunday night May 24th to be considered for selection.
    • Joe will try to answer as many questions and critique as many photos as possible during the presentation.

If you are NOT submitting a question or a photograph but would like to attend the session, please register here:

Attendance: 70 / 100

Registration is closed for this event.

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